Sell Electronic Components

Sell Excess or Obsolete Electronic Components

Complete Excess and Obsolete Stock Solutions for Electronic Components

At least 1% of your revenue is tied up in excess or obsolete stock.

In the world of Electronic Manufacturing we find no two businesses are the same. For this reason, 3Man Semiconductor have created several different strategies that can be further customised to suit your company's aims and objectives when disposing of excess or obsolete stock.

Whether you are a $10M single site company or a multi-billion dollar Global organisation we have a solution that is right for you.


We work with existing EMS clients to help reduce any stock liability and ensure a reduction of stock returned to their customers.


Every OEM is different so we tailor a solution that best fits your business model.


No matter how you end up with Excess or Obsolete stock we are happy to help turn the stock back into cash.